How does our Online Consultation work?

Online Consultation is simple to use and is often the best way to contact us. By using Online Consultation you are able to send and receive text messages from us – a quicker and more efficient way of contacting your surgery rather than having to wait on the phone. You simply need access to a smartphone, tablet or PC and there is no complicated account or password setup needed. Simply type in what you want to tell us and press ‘SEND’.

Request to see a GP or Nurse

Request a GP or nursing appointment by simply messaging us if you want help for a medical condition, whether it be a new or ongoing concern. Once we receive this we will determine how best to help and get back to you to organise next steps.

Send messages

You can also request updates of test results, order repeat prescriptions, request sick notes and referral letters, and share documents, updates and photos of your symptoms which save on time and postage.

Receive messages

Receive sick notes and referral letters, and share updates of test results.

Respond to questionnaires and messages

To assist in our treatment of you we might request that you complete a questionnaire or respond to messages that we send you.

Receive video calls

If you have a Smartphone you could save the time, cost and inconvenience of coming into the surgery by simply receiving a video call from your doctor. No app required.

Note: In using Online Consultation you can skip some steps by using your NHS App login before sending your request. However, even though we recommend patients sign up, you do not need to be an NHS App user.

Click ‘Here’ to use our helpful and useful Online Consultation!