BMC Patient Participation Group Needs You

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What is a Patient Participation Group?

Patients direct discussions with Surgery to address patient related Issues

Our objectives are:
• Facilitate and enable independent dialogue between patients and the Practice
• Promote the group to patients of all backgrounds, to engage patients from all ethnic groups.
• Encourage group advocates with specific long-term condition prevalent in the practice
• Ensure methods of contacting and visiting the practice are considered for all types of patients and their needs.
• Assisting with the production planning, distribution, collecting and analysing of patient surveys and its actions plans.
• Engage in fundraising for any nominated charity

How do we do this?
At present there is a group of patients and staff who meet every two months (over Zoom) to discuss areas of concern. We want the membership to reflect the full range of the population of Bewdley. We are therefore looking to recruit more patients to join this group to make up the team to 15 members.

In addition, we want to encourage a larger group of patients to join a new virtual group of patients to give their opinions on issues for debate through email, and post for those not online. You will not need to attend meetings just share their views and opinions on an ad hoc basis on request. We are looking for 150 members for this virtual group, that’s 1% of the current patient list.

Please contact Stuart Wilkinson (Chair) or Chris Hand (Vice Chair) by emailing If you would prefer to discuss over the phone then please email them your number and a suitable time to talk so that they can contact you.

If you are not online then please post a note of interest at the surgery, and we will be in touch.

We have a range of times for the meetings this year, earliest being 10am, latest 5.30 pm to try and cater for that. They are every two months. Even then we allow a 50% attendance rate per annum for the each of the 15 or so people at the meetings, but would expect them to respond to documentation sent out prior to the meeting.

As one of our current objectives is to:
Encourage group advocates with specific long-term condition prevalent in the practice

We would particularly, but not exclusively, like to recruit people for the meetings who have experience of the 5 leading long-term conditions in adults.
They are:
• Musculoskeletal (arthritis rheumatism, fibrositis etc.),
• Heart and circulatory (including stroke, hypertension and heart disease),
• Mental and behavioural conditions (depression, anxiety, learning disabilities)
• Diabetes, other endocrine or metabolic conditions (high cholesterol obesity, hyperthyroidism etc),
• Respiratory system conditions (COPD, asthma, emphysema).
• Experience could be as a patient or carer

Virtual Group
We are also introducing a Virtual Group of up to 150 people who do not need to come to meetings but simply give feedback on issues on an ad hoc basis. We will do this by email, and post for those that are not online.
Whatever your lifestyle, one of these choices could be for you