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Dear Patients,


We have been made aware of some upsetting comments made on social media and during conversations with us and our staff.  We, the Doctors and the other members of our healthcare team work very long days, often forfeiting spending time with our families, this has saddened us all.


On Monday 7th January, we received 1260 calls into the Practice.  This is an unprecedented amount.  One of our busiest days for calls by far. Whilst we are aware that there are patients that don't have internet access, there are many that do.  We encourage you to sign up for online access to ease pressures on the phone lines.


We are currently trying to recruit more GP's to replace the Doctors that have left, and also manage unplanned leave due to bereavement and sickness.  Nationally we were promised 5000 more GP's by 2021.  In fact there are 1000 fewer GP's, and more leaving the profession every day, this is making recruitment very difficult.  We also have other staff sickness that we couldn't have foreseen.


At Bewdley Medical Centre we pride ourselves on providing, where possible, an "on the day" service, meaning patients don't have to wait weeks to speak to or see a GP or other member of the primary healthcare team.  Waiting times in other areas of the UK can be 4-5 weeks.



Please use your local community pharmacy to order your prescription medicines and clinical advice for minor health concerns.  for any dental problems, please see your Dentist.  For eye problems, please speak to your Optician.


We are very proud of our Friends and Family test results, and over the past 12 months, 92% of our patients said they would recommend us.


Bewdley Medical Centre takes all concerns seriously and we request that any feedback is sent directly to the Practice (Site Manager).


Thank you to those who have been patient and understand of these unfortunate circumstances.


Drs Montandon, Gates, Sutton, Davis, Shand, Kneebone

New Telephone System

The Wyre Forest Health Partnership are changing their telephone system.  Whilst there will be no change


to the telephone number that you need to contact, you will now hear an options message once your call


is connected.  The new system will help us to ensure that you speak to the appropriate person as quickly


as possible. All sites will have the upgraded system by February 2019 with Bewdley going live on


23 of January 2019.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes, please do not


hesitate to contact us.





Message from Dr Christine Green

 As some of you already know, I will be retiring from General Practice at the end of September 2018.  If I am your Doctor at present, my excellent colleagues will be taking over your care from October.


I have been a Partner at Bewdley Medical Centre for 30 years, and it has been a privilege to care for the people of Bewdley and its surrounding villages.  For the past four years, I have been one of the Doctors responsible for visiting housebound patients in their homes, and this has been a role I have found particularly rewarding.  I hope I have been able to offer some comfort and support at a difficult times in my patients' lives.


I am looking forward to spending more time with my family in retirement and hoping I may yet prove to have green fingers in the garden!


With very best wishes to you all.

Extended Access

In addition to the practice’s normal opening hours, and additional surgery opening times as stated above, you can also book an appointment to see a local clinician in the evenings or at the weekend in Kidderminster.


GP practices are working together to provide extended access appointments to our patients. This means that your extended access appointment may be with a different GP, nurse or based in a different location or practice than you are used to, and some of these appointments are telephone only. These appointments are pre-bookable by contacting the surgery during our opening times – our receptionists will help you to find a convenient appointment.


Telephone Line Options for 01299 402157


To direct patients to the right department, we have upgraded our telephone options as follows;


Option 1 - District Nurses

Option 2 - Medical Secretaries (Tuesday - Friday only)

Option 3 - Test Results

Option 4 - Home Visits

Option 5 - Blood Tests, Nurses and Long Term Condition Letters

Option 6 - Doctor and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Telephone Consultation Appointments

Option 7 - Other Enquiries


We appreciate that this is a change, however it will enable patients to speak to the correct staff promptly.




Improvements to our Appointment System

To improve both patient access to our doctors and for continuity of care we will be making some alterations to our appointment system. These changes took effect in February 2017.


The system ensures that patients who need to see a doctor are seen when they want to be seen providing quicker access to the surgery.


Patients who need to see a Doctor will have to phone the surgery to book a telephone consultation with the Doctor who will call them back at an agreed time that day.  If necessary, the Doctor will arrange an appointment for you to be seen in the surgery the same day. It will not be possible to book a doctor’s appointment for a future date, as this new system only deals with on-the-day appointments.


If you are registered for Online Patient Access you will be able to book your telephone consultation online, on the same day.  Please note that there will be NO changes to how you book an appointment to see a nurse or to book into any of our clinics.


As a surgery we feel that this tried and tested system will be fairer for all patients with shorter waiting times and give priority to those who are the most ill and need our services.


So in Summary - how does it work?

  • You phone the surgery on the day when you need to be seen and the doctor will call you back at an agreed time
  • The doctor will call you back to discuss your problem with you and agree the best way forward
  • You may only need advice or a prescription, or you may need to see a doctor or nurse.  If necessary the doctor will offer you an appointment the same day


GP Working Days

Which days to call to get an appointment with your preferred GP.








Dr Barth



Dr Davis



Dr Forbes



Dr Green


Dr Elliott



Dr Gates



Dr Kneebone




Dr Montandon


Dr Sutton


Dr Shand



Dr Wood



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