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Hospital Appointments

If you have recieved a letter from the hospital about an appointment, please contact the consultant's secretary or the hospital switchboard for details! 

Your Personal Data

We take your personal data extremely seriously and take every precaution to ensure it is safe and secure. When you attend an appointment or contact the surgery you may be asked to confirm your contact details with a receptionist or clinician. This is to ensure that we have your correct details such as address, mobile number and email address associated with your clinical record; to enable us to communicate with you about your health in a quick, efficient and secure manner.


Our policy is that normally every young person 14 and above has their own mobile number on their records for confidentiality reasons. If this applies to you or a family member, please contact the surgery to make the necessary changes

Message from the NHS Breast Screening Service


All women registered with us and aged between 47 and 70 will receive an appointment for the

NHS Breast Screening Programme between now and May 2017 at Kidderminster Treatment Centre.

Further information can be found here: http://www.bscreen.org.uk/hereford&worcester



GP Earnings


Wyre Forest Health Partnership started trading on 1/12/2014. It is, therefore, not possible to declare the average earnings of GPs working at Wyre Forest Health Partnership for the 14/15 financial year; the partnership only existed for 4 months of the year and these 4 months were not typical due to the costs incurred in setting up the new organisation. It is possible to declare that, for the 15/16 year, there were 38 Partner GPs in the Partnership.


Wyre Forest Health Partnership fully intends to declare the amounts for 2015/16 once available.




Allocated Named GP

All patients that are now registered at Bewdley Medical Centre have a named allocated GP who will oversee your care. You are still entitled to see whichever Clinician you choose to. Please see our 'Clinics & Services' section on the left.


The NHS Friends and Family Test


We would like you to think about your recent experience of our service.


"How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"


Please press the link on the left side of the page to answer.


New Prescription Service

Electronic prescribing is now live at Bewdley Medical Centre! We are pleased to announce that all patients who have nominated a pharmacy can now collect their prescriptions from their pharmacy directly rather than come to the surgery. To set this up, visit your perferred pharmacy and they will set you up. To find out more, please click here for more details or visit the following website http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/eps/patients


Every Appointment Matters


Can You Help?


Since 2005/6 we have seen an increase of an average of 2,700 patients per year attending the practice. This together with the Government’s purse strings tightening and NHS England requiring GP surgeries to provide a wider range of services means that we at Bewdley Medical Centre need your help to ensure continued fair access for all patients to their GP by considering the following:


1.  Get the right treatment! – Tell us why you need our help.

  • Tell reception why you need to see a Doctor and/ or a nurse. We have specialist Doctors and nurses that are able to assist you.

 2.  Can’t make it?  - Contact us.


  • Please let us know if you can’t make an appointment – on average we have 86 appointments a week where patients Do Not Turn Up – these appointments could have been given to you!


3.  Under Chronic Disease Specialist Nurse? – Tell us


  • If you are normally cared for by a Chronic Disease specialist nurse (Asthma, COPD or Diabetes) - maybe they would be better suited to see you?


4.  Would a phone consultation be sufficient?


  • If you need to ask your doctor a question or discuss a result, save time and book a phone call with your GP.


5.  It is worth waiting for!

  • A routine appointment with your own GP is proven to result in a better experience for the patient rather than an emergency appointment with a doctor you don’t know.


Thank you for your continued support.


Wyre Forest Health Partnership




Wyre Forest Health Partnership


Following the merger in December 2014 of 5 practices and a further admission in December 2015, Wyre Health Partnership now comprises of 6 sites with 40 Partners looking after 73 000 patients, helped by 203 staff!
Clare Nock, Chief Executive Officer, Wyre Forest Health Partnership


'Working together across 6 sites, one valued and committed team, combining innovation and integrity to provide the best possible quality of care for our patients'



Sun Awareness

Stay Safe in the Sun!

Sun Awareness

Nobody wants to spend the entire summer indoors, and indeed some sunshine can be good for us, helping the body to create vitamin D and giving many of us a feeling of general wellbeing as we enjoy outdoors activities.

However, all too often we over-do our sun exposure, which can lead to a range of skin problems, the most serious of which include skin cancer. Sunburn (i.e. skin redness) and heavy tans in particular are generally accepted as being harmful, and are thought to lead to skin cancer.

In fact, every 4 hours someone in the UK dies of skin cancer.   That's why the British Association of Dermatologists has launched Sun  Awareness, to teach people how to detect the signs of skin cancer.  EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES.

For more information on how to stay safe in the sun go to

The British Association of Dermatologists website:   http://www.bad.org.uk/site/718/default.aspx

Fact Sheet - For more information about sunscreen and sun safety, please see our factsheet here

Mole checks - our 'A B C D E-asy way to check your moles ' guide helps people identify problems with their skin. Early detection of a skin cancer is vital, and is the focus of the Sun Awareness campaign, so it is hoped this guide will help people recognise the signs and how to seek help. Click here to download this printable leaflet

SOS - the sun safety tips to 'Save Our Skin' - similar to the messages of the famous 'Slip, Slop, Slap' campaign in Australia , this guide gives four simple messages with SOS initialisms, to make them easily memorable. Click here to download this printable leaflet.

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