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Bewdley Medical Centre

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Bewdley Carers' Group Meeting

Bewdley Medical Centre Staff to Swim 22 Miles in aid of Diabetes UK


Bewdley Medical Centre has got a team together to swim the width of the English Channel (22 miles) in support of Swim22 – a Diabetes UK fundraiser to raise awareness of diabetes and promote a healthier way of living to support those living with diabetes, and to promote a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of diabetes. Our Channel champions will rise up to the challenge between 22 February and 22 May.

Statistics suggest that there are currently over 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK; this represents 6% of the UK population or 1 in every 16 people having diabetes.


Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high. There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 which is an autoimmune disease where the body destroys the cells that produce insulin, and type 2 (the most common type in the UK) where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body’s cells do not react to insulin; about 90% of all adults with diabetes, have type 2.

You can help to manage type 2 diabetes through healthy eating, taking regular exercise and achieving a healthy body weight.


The benefits of Swim22 are simple – not only do you improve your physical health by reducing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, regular physical activity keeps your body healthy and strong.  Swimming can also improve self-esteem and reduce anxiety – a great mental health booster. 


Why not join the Swim22 club today and swim towards a healthier lifestyle? Or if you would prefer to stay dry and give a donation to the Bewdley Medical Centre Team – please visit our surgery.


For more information or to register, visit: https://swim22.diabetes.org.uk/


Your Data Matters


KEMP for Carers can offer 4 hours per week of support for carers of people with a life  limiting condition, who are deemed to be within their last 12 months and are not receiving NHS funded care services.

Want to know more?


•Come to the Community Room at Bewdley Medical Centre on Thursday 21st November you can drop in between 10am and 3pm.
•Meet Karen and Pip from KEMP to discuss how we may be able to help you.
•Meet Elizabeth from KEMP who can offer some taster sessions of complementary therapy.

Supporting your child with ADHD @ 6 Nov

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 10 Oct 2019


The World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year. This year's theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is suicide prevention.


Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide.


For more information about how you can get involved visit:

askmyGP Launch - Bewdley Medical Centre

Ask My GP - Bewdley Medical Centre



Bewdley Medical Centre is launching askmyGP on Wednesday 25th September 2019.

Click here to access Ask My GP 

  •  It's available 24/7 - we respond in working hours, 8am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday
  •  In working hours, we can usually get back to you within the hour - it may be longer at busy times
  •  All our registered patients are welcome, and as a parent or carer you can use askmyGP on behalf of a patient
  •  You can choose a particular named GP if you wish (so long as they are working that day)
  •  You may chose a telephone or email response
  •  You can login now, without any paperwork

PLEASE NOTE: askmyGP is econsultation and should not be used for booking an appointment online.  If you wish to book an appointment online please visit: Patient Access

Mood Masters - 12 Week Course

In the News! GP Waiting Times


On 12th August 2019, The Guardian News reported that a recent survey has shown that due to growing demand and underinvestment, the average waiting time in the UK is almost 15 days. To read the report - please click here.


Although Bewdley Medical Centre is a large practice with a patient population of around 15,500, we are, through a dedicated and resilient medical team of GPs, ANPs, Nurses, HCAs as well as our Reception and Administration support teams, still maintaining to provide exceptional patient care with minimal wait times.  




Hospital Appointments


If you have recieved a letter from the hospital about an appointment, please contact the consultant's secretary or the hospital switchboard for details!

Your Personal Data


We take your personal data extremely seriously and take every precaution to ensure it is safe and secure. When you attend an appointment or contact the surgery you may be asked to confirm your contact details with a receptionist or clinician. This is to ensure that we have your correct details such as address, mobile number and email address associated with your clinical record; to enable us to communicate with you about your health in a quick, efficient and secure manner.


Our policy is that normally every young person 14 and above has their own mobile number on their records for confidentiality reasons. If this applies to you or a family member, please contact the surgery to make the necessary changes

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