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Booking an Appointment

We aim to provide great access to healthcare with appointments available on the day when needed and also available to book in advance. This is an area we pride ourselves on. Please help us by informing us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment. Please sign up for text message reminders of your appointments - you can do this online or with our reception team.




To improve both patient access to our doctors and for continuity of care we have made some alterations to our appointment system. 

The system ensures that patients who need to see a doctor are seen when they want to be seen providing quicker access to the surgery.


Patients who need to see a Doctor will have to phone the surgery to book a telephone consultation with the Doctor who will call them back at an agreed time that day.  If necessary, the Doctor will arrange an appointment for you to be seen in the surgery the same day. It will not be possible to book a doctor’s appointment for a future date, as this new system only deals with on-the-day appointments.


If you are registered for Online Patient Access you will be able to book your telephone consultation online, on the same day.  Please note that there will NO changes to how you book an appointment to see a nurse or to book into any of our clinics.


As a surgery we feel that this tried and tested system will be fairer for all patients with shorter waiting times and give priority to those who are the most ill and need our services.


So in Summary - how does it work?

  • You phone the surgery on the day when you need to be seen and the doctor will call you back at an agreed time
  • The doctor will call you back to discuss your problem with you and agree the best way forward
  • You may only need advice or a prescription, or you may need to see a doctor or nurse.  If necessary the doctor will offer you an appointment the same day.

Web Appointments

If you haven't already signed up for Online Access, you would need to come down to the Surgery with 2 forms of ID 1 photo id and one with your address on. You will be given a consent form to sign and hand back to reception who then will start processing your application.  This process can take up to 30 days. If you are granted access, we will send your details in the post on how to register and gain access.
If you already signed up to the Online Patient Access for your repeat prescription and appointments you can access the website by typing in: https://patient.emisaccess.co.uk/account/login or clicking on the link.
If you have any issues at all with accessing the online service please read the Help page on The Patient Access Homepage for advise if you lock yourself out. If you need us to reset your details you can email us on bmcinfo@nhs.net or call in at the surgery. 
Phone Appointments

Please call us on 01299 402 157

To direct patients to the right department, we have upgraded our telephone options as follows:

Option 1 - Appointments
Option 2 - Home Visits
Option 3 - Test Results
Option 4 - Prescriptions (enquires only)
Option 5 - Medical Secretaries
Option 6 - General Enquiries (- Insurance reports, registration queries, general admin)
Option 0 - Back to Main Menu

Our reception team may ask for some details about the appointment in order to direct you to the most appropriate member of the team. Any information you provide is confidential.  In the interest of all parties calls to and from the surgery may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.

Appointment Reminders

We also offer free Text Reminders for all registered patients. To use this service, please call us or come into the surgery and advise that you wish to sign up. You will then receive a reminder the day before your appointment.  

Cancelling Your Appointment

If you are unable to attend an appointment with one of the doctors or nurses, please telephone us on 01299 402  157 or use appointments online to cancel your appointment. You can also cancel your appointment via your appointment text message. 
 By giving us as much notice as you can you are helping us to make sure that someone else is given your slot.
In an average week 33 people fail to attend an appointment with the doctor and 8 fail to attend an appointment with the nurse.
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